Be Kind Rewind
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I've been slacking on the site lately... lo siento.

I noticed a lot of Deutsche coming to the site, therefore I have posted this for you!

Now for the poem that started it all: Come one, come all, to the greatest show of them all! Its the sweded films website, where everything is raw! So relax your mind, and relax your jaw! Forget everything you heard, and everything you saw! Here movies are the way they're supposed to be! They have you in them, and little to no story! I built this place for you, not for me! I'm just your badace host, as you'll soon see! I got some cookies, and I got some punch! And that's what we'll have, everyday for lunch! I got this feeling, I got this hunch! You'll come back, back a bunch! So for the 24 hours between the meals, explore the website, take off its peel! Once its innards, you reveal, its likely that your head will explode...

You'll see that what have a blog and some forums, its true! Plus a vast collection of movies, sweded by me and you! From Purple Rain, all the way to Scooby Doo! Well, once you make them, we'll have those too! Can't you feel the excitement in the air! Punctuated by the exclaimation points everywhere! What's that? Oh no, don't be scared! You feel you stumbled upon this website unprepaired? Well then I have just the right page! Designed specifically to set the stage! So open that mind! Unlock that cage! For now is the hour, to rage rage rage!

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